Friday, March 8, 2013

Weeks 10-16

Can you believe it?  Two blogs in one day!  Amazing!

I've spent the last few weeks looking back over my blog from when I was pregnant with Taylor.  I have really enjoyed reading about what I was feeling and how my body was changing in my first pregnancy.  The blog has also been a source of comfort for me.  Around 10 weeks I read that with Taylor, around 12 weeks, I was beginning to feel better.  John and I even went out to dinner!  It brought great relief to know that the sick, nauseous feeling would soon be subsiding.  The blog has been a source of strength...the nausea won't last forever! 

Therefore, I hope to continue blogging throughout this pregnancy, so I can one day look back and read about such an exciting time in our lives!

Around week 12 I did turn a corner.  I was still feeling bad, but the medicine seemed to knock it out a lot sooner and quicker.  For that I was very grateful.  John and I were able to go to the beach with his family and enjoy time together with Taylor.  I could finally start taking over some of the cooking and a little bit of the cleaning.  ;) 

On January 23 we had our second GYN-OB visit.  We had been anxiously awaiting this appointment so we could hear the heartbeat!  We decided to take Taylor with us so she could participate in this exciting experience.  We were so thankful to hear a good, strong heartbeat!  This time (unlike with Taylor) John did hear the heartbeat, loud and clear.  Taylor also heard.  We are so thankful that things are going well!  After the doctor left, Taylor wanted us to do the doppler on her belly.  So sweet...she wants to be just like mommy.  :) 

From Day 1 we have shared with Taylor that she is going to be a big sister.  She doesn't quite get it.  But she does get that there is a baby in mommy's belly.  There are times when we ask her to listen to mommy's belly.  I usually ask her, "Is the baby happy or crying?"  She always responds, "Happy!"  It's been fun to watch my belly grow and point this out to Taylor.  We love talking about the baby together.  She wants to help me hold the baby, feed the baby, carry the baby, and rock the baby.  But....seeing the way she treats her baby dolls, we're going to be very cautious with her help!  :) 

I can't wait until the first time Taylor feels the baby kick!  I have been feeling movements starting around Week 15.  Little moves and turns.  I forgot how precious that feeling is!  Looking forward to more special times during this pregnancy!

This is a picture of Taylor and McCord's special Valentine's Date! 
Judging by the way she is with Wade, Taylor will be a wonderful big sister!

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