Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 25

We are blessed that everything continues to go well in pregnancy.  Everyday I can feel our baby girl more and more.  She is constantly kicking or poking, which I love!  The other night I felt her on both sides of my belly!  I guess she was kicking on one side and punching on the other.  It was precious, and just confirmed how big she's getting!  I can't believe that she's already over a pound and a half in weight and about 13.5 inches in length!  It seems like just yesterday that she was compared to the size of a sesame seed!  How quickly they grow!

Funny story...the other night in Home Depot, a lady was telling me her husband makes belly bands (he's in textiles).  She said, "But you look like you're carrying small so you probably won't need one."  I was so thankful for this comment.  I, of course, feel gigantic!!  So her "you're carrying small" made me feel great! work a few days later a woman asked  when I was due.  I told her September and she said, "I don't know that you're going to make it!"  So the high I was feeling with being told I was small was quickly squished by her, "you don't look like you'll make it."

Today, May 24, another parent at school told me I looked adorable, but she didn't know how I would make it to the next school year!  Oh's a great thing that our baby is growing and that my belly is getting bigger. 

So I'm quickly starting to worry about this summer and the dreaded heat.  I already get hot so I can't imagine 90-100 weather.  I am really looking forward to seeing how low I can get our house temperature and how high I can get our electric bill!!  :) 

This weekend we took our little girl for her first beach swim.  She also seemed to enjoy the boat ride up and down the Intercoastal Waterway.  John and I had a great time cruising around enjoying the sun!