Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Warren #2 Due August 9, 2013

Back in December we found out we are expecting Baby #2 in August!  We are so excited and feel so blessed.  We're not quite sure how you can love another child the same way you love your first.  But we are learning your heart just gets bigger!   

I remember shortly after finding out, wondering if I would be as sick as a was with Taylor.  I was counting the days to when I started feeling nauseous with Taylor.  Unfortunately...the nausea a vengeance!  Fortunately, I was prepared.  Started the Zofran that day. 

Around week 7 we started sharing the news with our family!  Why did we wait until week 7?  I had ordered a "Big Sister" shirt for Taylor from Etsy and was too cheap to pay expedited shipping.  So we had to wait until the shirt arrived.  The Saturday before Christmas, Taylor wore the shirt to Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ronnie's house.  The shirt said "Merry Christmas to me, because I'm a big sister to be!" I carried her in and Aunt Jessica and Nonna were the first to notice "big sister"!  We were so happy to begin sharing the good news. 

On Christmas Eve, we were at Nana and Papa's house.  Just before getting a picture of the three cousins in front of the Christmas tree we slipped the shirt on Taylor.  She walked up to the tree and sat down beside Dylan and Katelyn.  It took everyone a few seconds to notice.  Aunt Jennifer was the first to notice.  She then told everyone to look at Taylor's shirt.  What an exciting time it was!

On Christmas Day, Nana and Papa came over.  Nanny and Papa Charlie weren't in town this Christmas, so we Facetimed them to share the news!  Later that day we drove to Great Grandma Collins' house.  There the whole family was getting ready to open presents.  We let Taylor walk up to Grandma and she burst into tears.  This was such a special time of year to be able to share a special blessing with our family. 

So...much like with Taylor, Weeks 6-10 were rough.  "Just make it through the day" became my motto.  My mornings consisted of the same food as before, blueberry waffles.  Lunches were similar, bland...potatoes, grits...   Dinners I barely made it to the table for. 
John was extremely helpful during this time.  He cooked, cleaned, put Taylor to bed, did most everything while I laid on the couch. 
Around week 8 I started Zantac, which helped tremendously with indigestion. 

Needless to say, not much got accomplished the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

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