Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 17-18

On February 21 we had our third GYN-OB visit.  This was a routine visit to make sure all is well.  I saw CNM Tina Hayes, who I adore. 

Actually before this pregnancy, I knew I wanted to see Jan Floyd throughout my entire second pregnancy.  But, after the first appointment in December, I learned that she was moving back to Louisiana.  I was so disappointed.  There is something about Jan that makes you feel so special and comfortable. 

BUT, Tina Hayes is very similar to Jan, and I look forward to seeing her many more times in the coming months.  The first thing Tina did was check the heartbeat.  It was much louder and much stronger this time.  Again in the 140s.  Tina asked if we were planning to find out what we're having.  I said yes.  She said, "Okay.  Because HE'S riding very low."  I said, "What?  He?"  She said, "Yes, typically a low riding baby with a heartbeat in the 140s is a boy."  She said that's what she would go with. 

I couldn't believe she said HE!  We won't know for sure until our appointment on March 15.  But it was so real for her to tell us that it could be a little boy.  I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about whether it was a boy or girl.  She confirmed that we were very close to finding out. 

I have only known girl, so I don't think I even considered the possibility of a boy.  But, we are so blessed and know that either way, we'll be welcoming a precious baby into our lives.  We'd love a boy, but I would also love a sister for Taylor.  I never had a sister, and that seems like such a special relationship that last a lifetime.  I know Taylor would adore either a little sister or little brother. 

So...we'll see if Tina was correct.  We are so looking forward to seeing our baby through ultrasound.  Taylor will be coming with us.  I don't know what she's going to think when she actually sees our baby on the screen.  I imagine she'll love watching them move and turn. 

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