Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 12

Well I'm happy to report this week that I've been feeling a lot better!  My nausea seems to be getting better and I'm able to eat different foods.  John and I actually went to the book store and dinner the other night!  I ate a fajita, chips and dip!  It was the best food I've eaten in many weeks.
Tomorrow will mark the beginning of week 13!  We're so excited as the weeks pass and my belly grows a little more.  Speaking of...I'm not able to button all my pants!  First time in my life this has been exciting for me!  :)  I've got a little bump, but I can't wait for it to get bigger!  Hoping to buy a bella band this weekend and maybe a few maternity tops!!  YAY!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weeks 6-11

Since we're getting a late start on this blog, I'll merge weeks 6-11. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have been able to post during this time. My life consisted mostly of work, couch, and bed. This is the first picture we took of my pregnancy, at Week 9. 
The first week of pregnancy I felt great. Then with week 6 came nausea! I know they call it morning sickness...but it didn't just continued. They say with a sick pregnancy comes a healthy baby. We pray that's true!
These six weeks consisted primarily of me working, coming home to the couch, and heading to bed pretty early. In the beginning I ate frosted mini wheats for breakfast, lots of crackers throughout the day, baked potatoes for lunch, and grilled cheese for dinner. Later I switched to waffles in the morning (still loving these), fruit and crackers for snack, baked potato (almost every day) for lunch, and cheese toast for dinner.
John and I were able to take off to the beach for Valentine's weekend. I felt good enough to visit Knots Landing, where we were married, and we went to dinner. It was a great weekend. I thought I might even be feeling better.
February 16 John and I were able to hear the heartbeat! The doctor used the doppler so it was very hard to distinguish. Hearing our babies heartbeat confirmed, for us, that everything about the pregnancy was going well and progressing wonderfully. When we were checking out, John proceeded to tell me that he in fact had not heard the heartbeat. He heard my heartbeat and thought that was the babies. By the time he realized that was my heartbeat, the doctor had removed the doppler. :( So, for now, John will have to take the doctor's word that things are good. :)
That week my nausea got a little worse and I was sick a few days. Although disappointing to feel so bad, hearing the heartbeat reminded me that I'm making a baby! Praise God!

Sharing the News

The day of the doctors appointment I called and told my bestest friend Amanda that we were expecting. And how fun is it that she's also expecting?! She was the only person I could call because we'd be telling our parents in person.

The next day we told my parents that we were heading to Columbia for a meeting and wanted to have dinner with them afterwards. We met them at Cracker Barrel. At our table we handed them a picture frame that said "Grandkids." They looked at it and didn't say anything. Then they said thanks...I guess they thought it was just a gift! I just kept staring at mom and she finally said, "This doesn't have any meaning behind it, does it?" FINALLY, I thought! Yes, there's a meaning behind all have one grandkid and the frame says "GrandkidS!" They were both really excited! I think surprised that we got pregnant so quickly...we'd been married for 2 months! :)
That night on the way home we stopped at Jessica and Ronnie's to share the news. We gave them a "Cousins" frame. Ronnie already knew (no comment) and Jess knew right away what the frame meant. Jackson will have a little cousin to play with!! 
The next day we shared with John's parents, his sister, and brother-in-law. John had a great idea to get them all together.  He told them we had received our wedding pictures and wanted to share with all of them.  So we all met at the Warren's for dinner.  I wanted to tell right away, but John was very patient and we waited for a little while.  When we were all in the kitchen about to eat dinner, we handed out the same frames "Grandkids" and "Cousins".  (This will be their second grandchild and Dylan's first cousin!)  Jennifer knew when she saw the frame (she said she knew that day what we were going to share!).  Debbie and Parks looked really excited to receive a cute frame.  Parks said, after a while, what's that say?  Grandkids.  Parks said are you pregnant.  Debbie looked up with the biggest eyes I've ever seen.  I said yes and there reaction was priceless.  Debbie kept saying "Oh my God...Oh my God!"  Needless to say, they were both thrilled and completely shocked. 
Sharing the news with family was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  I will remember our parents reactions forever.  They were precious. 

Finding Out

John and I found out we were pregnant December 31, 2009.  I remember we both just stared at the test and then looked at each other.  It was an unbelievable moment.  We were both in shock!  This was something we both wanted and we couldn't believe that it was here and real and positive!  This picture of John and I was taken on Christmas Day 2009, six days before we found out we were pregnant. 
Being New Years Eve when we found out, it was a hard secret to keep from friends!  I called the doctor the next day and we had our first appointment Monday, January 4.  The doctor calculated that I was five weeks two days pregnant.  (Who knew that 2 weeks of pregnancy, you're not really pregnant?  Not me!)