Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weeks 19-20

These last two weeks have been wonderful.  I was able to stop taking Zofran, and John and I had been anxiously awaiting the ultrasound scheduled for Friday, March 15.  Ironically enough, two weeks before the ultrasound I received a letter informing me I have Jury Duty on March 15 at 10:00am.  After panicking a bit, I called and was excused! 
John and I decided we would find out the gender of our baby in the ultrasound.  We planned a reveal party for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins for later that evening.  We couldn't wait to share the news with family! 
We took Taylor to the ultrasound so she could see the baby.  I know when she thinks "baby" she thinks it's a baby she can hold.  I tried to prepare her, she would get to see this baby on "TV."  She does love going to the "baby's doctor." 
We arrived for our appointment and were immediately taken back for the ultrasound.  My heart was racing.  We were excited about finding out the gender, but I also wanted to know that our baby is healthy. 
The ultrasound was great.  The technician measured, clicked, took pictures, and explained what we were looking at.  Taylor wasn't in to it at all.  She had no idea what that black and white skeleton looking thing was on the TV.  Oh well.  John and I loved every minute!  Our baby was very active, just like Taylor was three years ago.  But this time I didn't drink a Coke before.  Just a banana! 
About five minutes into the ultrasound, she asked if we wanted to know the gender.  We said yes.  She said, "It's a boy!"  We were shocked, A BOY!  We told Taylor, she stared blankly.  She'll get it soon enough. 
The ultrasound turned out to reveal a healthy baby boy.  Everything looks great, and measurements are right on with my due date.  We are so thankful and praise the Lord. 
That evening around 7pm our family gathered for the big reveal.  (see video below)  The votes for boy were 8 and girl were 3.  Taylor was perfect.  She opened the box and out popped the BLUE balloon.  What a great moment to share with our family! 
Friday, March 15, 2013
Taylor revealing to family, "It's a BOY!"
On Monday, I took Taylor into my third grade classroom so she could reveal the gender to my students.  (see picture and video below)  This time all the eyes on her made her a little nervous.  She helped me open the box and share the BLUE with students.  
Monday, March 18, 2013
Taylor revealing to my third grade students, "It's a BOY!"
 I have a quick video of Taylor revealing to my students that we are expecting a baby boy in August. 
We have had such a fun few weeks together as a family.  I'm feeling better, and we can now start thinking about boy names!  Nonna and I have already purchased a few outfits for Baby Boy Warren.  I can't wait to get his nursery ready! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 17-18

On February 21 we had our third GYN-OB visit.  This was a routine visit to make sure all is well.  I saw CNM Tina Hayes, who I adore. 

Actually before this pregnancy, I knew I wanted to see Jan Floyd throughout my entire second pregnancy.  But, after the first appointment in December, I learned that she was moving back to Louisiana.  I was so disappointed.  There is something about Jan that makes you feel so special and comfortable. 

BUT, Tina Hayes is very similar to Jan, and I look forward to seeing her many more times in the coming months.  The first thing Tina did was check the heartbeat.  It was much louder and much stronger this time.  Again in the 140s.  Tina asked if we were planning to find out what we're having.  I said yes.  She said, "Okay.  Because HE'S riding very low."  I said, "What?  He?"  She said, "Yes, typically a low riding baby with a heartbeat in the 140s is a boy."  She said that's what she would go with. 

I couldn't believe she said HE!  We won't know for sure until our appointment on March 15.  But it was so real for her to tell us that it could be a little boy.  I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about whether it was a boy or girl.  She confirmed that we were very close to finding out. 

I have only known girl, so I don't think I even considered the possibility of a boy.  But, we are so blessed and know that either way, we'll be welcoming a precious baby into our lives.  We'd love a boy, but I would also love a sister for Taylor.  I never had a sister, and that seems like such a special relationship that last a lifetime.  I know Taylor would adore either a little sister or little brother. 

So...we'll see if Tina was correct.  We are so looking forward to seeing our baby through ultrasound.  Taylor will be coming with us.  I don't know what she's going to think when she actually sees our baby on the screen.  I imagine she'll love watching them move and turn. 

Weeks 10-16

Can you believe it?  Two blogs in one day!  Amazing!

I've spent the last few weeks looking back over my blog from when I was pregnant with Taylor.  I have really enjoyed reading about what I was feeling and how my body was changing in my first pregnancy.  The blog has also been a source of comfort for me.  Around 10 weeks I read that with Taylor, around 12 weeks, I was beginning to feel better.  John and I even went out to dinner!  It brought great relief to know that the sick, nauseous feeling would soon be subsiding.  The blog has been a source of strength...the nausea won't last forever! 

Therefore, I hope to continue blogging throughout this pregnancy, so I can one day look back and read about such an exciting time in our lives!

Around week 12 I did turn a corner.  I was still feeling bad, but the medicine seemed to knock it out a lot sooner and quicker.  For that I was very grateful.  John and I were able to go to the beach with his family and enjoy time together with Taylor.  I could finally start taking over some of the cooking and a little bit of the cleaning.  ;) 

On January 23 we had our second GYN-OB visit.  We had been anxiously awaiting this appointment so we could hear the heartbeat!  We decided to take Taylor with us so she could participate in this exciting experience.  We were so thankful to hear a good, strong heartbeat!  This time (unlike with Taylor) John did hear the heartbeat, loud and clear.  Taylor also heard.  We are so thankful that things are going well!  After the doctor left, Taylor wanted us to do the doppler on her belly.  So sweet...she wants to be just like mommy.  :) 

From Day 1 we have shared with Taylor that she is going to be a big sister.  She doesn't quite get it.  But she does get that there is a baby in mommy's belly.  There are times when we ask her to listen to mommy's belly.  I usually ask her, "Is the baby happy or crying?"  She always responds, "Happy!"  It's been fun to watch my belly grow and point this out to Taylor.  We love talking about the baby together.  She wants to help me hold the baby, feed the baby, carry the baby, and rock the baby.  But....seeing the way she treats her baby dolls, we're going to be very cautious with her help!  :) 

I can't wait until the first time Taylor feels the baby kick!  I have been feeling movements starting around Week 15.  Little moves and turns.  I forgot how precious that feeling is!  Looking forward to more special times during this pregnancy!

This is a picture of Taylor and McCord's special Valentine's Date! 
Judging by the way she is with Wade, Taylor will be a wonderful big sister!

Baby Warren #2 Due August 9, 2013

Back in December we found out we are expecting Baby #2 in August!  We are so excited and feel so blessed.  We're not quite sure how you can love another child the same way you love your first.  But we are learning your heart just gets bigger!   

I remember shortly after finding out, wondering if I would be as sick as a was with Taylor.  I was counting the days to when I started feeling nauseous with Taylor.  Unfortunately...the nausea a vengeance!  Fortunately, I was prepared.  Started the Zofran that day. 

Around week 7 we started sharing the news with our family!  Why did we wait until week 7?  I had ordered a "Big Sister" shirt for Taylor from Etsy and was too cheap to pay expedited shipping.  So we had to wait until the shirt arrived.  The Saturday before Christmas, Taylor wore the shirt to Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ronnie's house.  The shirt said "Merry Christmas to me, because I'm a big sister to be!" I carried her in and Aunt Jessica and Nonna were the first to notice "big sister"!  We were so happy to begin sharing the good news. 

On Christmas Eve, we were at Nana and Papa's house.  Just before getting a picture of the three cousins in front of the Christmas tree we slipped the shirt on Taylor.  She walked up to the tree and sat down beside Dylan and Katelyn.  It took everyone a few seconds to notice.  Aunt Jennifer was the first to notice.  She then told everyone to look at Taylor's shirt.  What an exciting time it was!

On Christmas Day, Nana and Papa came over.  Nanny and Papa Charlie weren't in town this Christmas, so we Facetimed them to share the news!  Later that day we drove to Great Grandma Collins' house.  There the whole family was getting ready to open presents.  We let Taylor walk up to Grandma and she burst into tears.  This was such a special time of year to be able to share a special blessing with our family. 

So...much like with Taylor, Weeks 6-10 were rough.  "Just make it through the day" became my motto.  My mornings consisted of the same food as before, blueberry waffles.  Lunches were similar, bland...potatoes, grits...   Dinners I barely made it to the table for. 
John was extremely helpful during this time.  He cooked, cleaned, put Taylor to bed, did most everything while I laid on the couch. 
Around week 8 I started Zantac, which helped tremendously with indigestion. 

Needless to say, not much got accomplished the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Has it really been SIX months since I last posted?!  Shameful... has life changed?  Let's see...

The last six months have been the most unbelievably wonderful months of my life...yet the most challenging and trying months as well.  Taylor has brought so much love and joy to our family.
There's so much to talk about.  Her first smiles, her first giggles, her first beach trip, the many sleepless nights, the first time she rolled over, her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day, and the fact that she reaches for me when she wants to be held, and falls asleep in my arms...

Six months ago, I think back and remember the day we were set to leave the hospital.  It was just John, Taylor, and I and I started to cry.  I was so sad that this experience, in the hospital, labor, and delivery was already over.  We were leaving the hospital!  A time we had been looking forward to for 9 months!  I couldn't believe that time had already passed us by.
I remember the second day we were home from the hospital, I started to cry.  I told my dad that I didn't want her to grow up.  I wanted her to stay that teeny and covered with rolls...that perfect forever!  It hurt my heart to know that she would be changing and growing so soon.
But ultimately...that changing and growing has been the most rewarding experience ever!
Seeing Taylor grow and explore has been such a joy as a mommy.  Right in front of my eyes, she's grown from a helpless infant to a somewhat independent six month old, jumping and playing all on her own!  I remember thinking how I will miss, so much, her rolls and that cute little fetal position.  But I so love that she is sitting up and rolling over, and sleeping with her butt in the air!
I remember thinking I will miss her curling up and sleeping on my chest.  But now she's reaching for me and hugging me!
Then the smiles come and they're so adorable...but then comes the laugh...and nothing is better than seeing Taylor happy and laughing.
I don't get sad anymore at how much she has grown, but excited at the next milestone to come.
 I know she'll never be THAT small again, and she'll never curl up into a cute ball like she use to.  But one day, she will say "Mama" and "Dada" day...she will crawl and day....she'll be calling for her two big brothers "Mo Mo" and "Ty Ty".  One day we'll be able to take her to McDonald's for her first Happy Meal...:)
There is so much to come...which makes me so happy!  And such a proud mama!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor and Delivery

Saturday evening, I began having mild contractions.  Sunday, August 29, I called the doctor because I thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid.  The doctor called back and said the only way to be sure it is or isn't fluid, would be for me to come into the hospital and have him check.  So John and I packed up the car in hopes that we would get to stay at the hospital!  We were hoping we'd get to meet baby Taylor today!  John and I got to the hospital with all our 'stuff.'  The nurse came in and did the triage work.  The doctor came in, ran his test, and determined that it was not fluid and I should go home.  John and I were so disappointed.  Today wasn't the day.

On Monday, I woke up with contractions and decided to stay home from work.  I thought for sure the contractions would get stronger and I wanted to be able to time them and be ready to leave for the hospital at a moments notice.  So I stayed home and...the contractions went away!  I was so anxious, but again, this wasn't the day.

On Tuesday, August 31, I woke up with stronger, more regular contractions.  I debated about work.  I decided to get up and get ready.  I knew if I took the day off, it'd end up the same way as Monday, a wasted day off with no progress.  So I went to work.  I called the doctor on the way because yet again, I was having signs of leaking fluid and also having more regular contractions.  When I got to school the nurse called me back.  She told me I shouldn't go to work because more than likely I'd be admitted to the hospital later.  Too late!  I was already beginning my day with the kids.  The doctor called back around 8am.  They told me to come in at 8:45.  I had a lady cover my class.  I was sure I'd be coming back to school so I didn't want to get a sub.  At the doctor's office, John met me and our midwife Jan ran the tests.  She walked out of the room to look under the microscope.  A few minutes later she came in and said you have to come see this.  She took us into her office and said look into the microscope.  What we saw was a beautiful snowflake picture.  A clear sign of amniotic fluid!  She called the hospital and made arrangements for us to be admitted today.  I got emotional, Jan got emotional, John was shocked!
We drove home to load the car with our items for the hospital.  We called family and friends and gave them the good news.  "It's baby time!"  On the way to the hospital we stopped to get lunch.  I knew it'd be a while before I ate again.  We arrived at the hospital at 11am and a nurse showed us to our room.  We were only in that room for a short time.  There was a lot of construction noise (they're adding onto the hospital).  They agreed to move us to a patio room!  This was the room I was hoping for.
My nurse went through all the questions.  She also asked if we knew when my fluid ruptured.  She decided to go with 6pm Monday night.  The important thing when fluid leaks is that the baby needs to be delivered within 24 hours.
Around 1pm the midwife, Nancy, came in.  She checked me and determined I was 2 centimeters.  She mentioned starting pitocin and breaking my water.  In my birth plan I asked that we not do either of these procedures (unless necessary).  She avoided the pitocin and decided to break my water.  What a crazy experience that was!  Immediately after my water broke, my contractions intensified drastically!  Family left the room because I couldn't handle having anyone around.  I had to lay in bed for 30 minutes while they got one round of penicillin in me (to protect baby from infection since we didn't know when my water started leaking).  The pain was incredible!  I wanted to wait on the epidural.  I told the nurse I wanted to try walking around to see if it lessened the pain.  I got up and walked a short distance.  I immediately felt like I might pass out.  I went to lay down and told the nurse I was ready for my epidural.  By this time I was in hard labor.  Didn't know it at the time, but this was SO intense.  I could hardly get through the pain.  I was on my side praying that the pain would go away.  I was trying to breathe through them, trying to create a vision.  OH it was so uncomfortable.  During this time the nurse saw that there was meconium in my amniotic fluid.  It wasn't a bad thing, but they needed to be aware of it when the baby came out.  In the mean time, the nurse was trying to quickly get a bag of fluids into me so she could order the epidural.  Around 3pm the epidural was ready.  I was so anxious and in such intense pain, I did get sick.  Poor nurse having to hold the container.  But once he put that epidural in my back, I was GOOD TO GO!  It was instant relief.  It was the best feeling of my life!  All discomfort, all the contraction pain was gone.  It was absolutely incredible.  Family came back into the room.  I was like a different person.  At 5pm the midwife came in and checked me again.  She said, "She's 10!"  I was 10 centimeters, time to push!  She said to wait until I felt the pressure of the babies head.  I felt a lot of pressure, but most of the time it would subside.
The nurse had been keeping Taylor's heartbeat the entire time.  At this time, she started having trouble keeping the monitor on the heartbeat.  She also noticed that the heartbeat was becoming slower at times.  All of a sudden she asked all family to leave the room.  I was really concerned because I knew it had to do with the heartbeat.  She rolled me on my back to get me ready for delivery.  The heartbeat got even lower when I was on my back.  She said I might have to deliver on my side.  She called the midwife.  There was a lot of pressure, but no pain.  The midwife had me get on my back to push.  I was so worried because I knew Taylor's heartbeat was slowing each time I laid on my back.  When they told me to push, I pushed with all my strength!  I knew we had to get Taylor out.  (During pushing they let me feel her head. Then I remembered that we had a hand mirror so I could watch the delivery.  John frantically went and got it from the suitcase.)  I pushed four times and Taylor's head was out.  They told me to look down.  I saw the most precious site in all of the world.  I saw our baby girl!  They laid her on my abdomen to clean her.  John cut the cord.  They were suctioning her.  They put her on my chest for a short time.  Then they had to take her to the stand next to me. They were a little concerned because her cry wasn't loud.  She was whimpering, but they were looking for a much louder noise.  They pumped her stomach to make sure there was no meconium (there wasn't).  They suctioned until they got a good cry.  They weighed and measured her.  She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long.  She was born at 5:51 pm!
As they were examining her, I was getting more and more anxious.  I wanted to hold my baby girl!  They finally brought her to me.  She laid with me skin-to-skin for about 30 minutes.  I nursed her and then John held her.  We were finally a family of 3!  What an incredible experience this was!  We love our little Taylor with all our hearts!