Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Has it really been SIX months since I last posted?!  Shameful... has life changed?  Let's see...

The last six months have been the most unbelievably wonderful months of my life...yet the most challenging and trying months as well.  Taylor has brought so much love and joy to our family.
There's so much to talk about.  Her first smiles, her first giggles, her first beach trip, the many sleepless nights, the first time she rolled over, her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day, and the fact that she reaches for me when she wants to be held, and falls asleep in my arms...

Six months ago, I think back and remember the day we were set to leave the hospital.  It was just John, Taylor, and I and I started to cry.  I was so sad that this experience, in the hospital, labor, and delivery was already over.  We were leaving the hospital!  A time we had been looking forward to for 9 months!  I couldn't believe that time had already passed us by.
I remember the second day we were home from the hospital, I started to cry.  I told my dad that I didn't want her to grow up.  I wanted her to stay that teeny and covered with rolls...that perfect forever!  It hurt my heart to know that she would be changing and growing so soon.
But ultimately...that changing and growing has been the most rewarding experience ever!
Seeing Taylor grow and explore has been such a joy as a mommy.  Right in front of my eyes, she's grown from a helpless infant to a somewhat independent six month old, jumping and playing all on her own!  I remember thinking how I will miss, so much, her rolls and that cute little fetal position.  But I so love that she is sitting up and rolling over, and sleeping with her butt in the air!
I remember thinking I will miss her curling up and sleeping on my chest.  But now she's reaching for me and hugging me!
Then the smiles come and they're so adorable...but then comes the laugh...and nothing is better than seeing Taylor happy and laughing.
I don't get sad anymore at how much she has grown, but excited at the next milestone to come.
 I know she'll never be THAT small again, and she'll never curl up into a cute ball like she use to.  But one day, she will say "Mama" and "Dada" day...she will crawl and day....she'll be calling for her two big brothers "Mo Mo" and "Ty Ty".  One day we'll be able to take her to McDonald's for her first Happy Meal...:)
There is so much to come...which makes me so happy!  And such a proud mama!